New blog

I used to host my own WordPress blog, but since I hardly ever post anything it felt a bit overkill. Keeping it updated was also quite a pain, I hate running out-of-date software but I also hate updating things manually.

So I’ve decided to move to GitHub Pages. It uses Jekyll to generate static pages, and you write posts using Markdown syntax. Everything is kept in a public git repo.

I still want people to be able to comment on posts even though everything is static html pages, so I added Disqus for that. It dynamically loads comments into the DOM using JavaScript. It will also allow me to move to a different blog platform in the future and still keep all comments (provided that I use Disqus on the new site as well of course).

I’m kind of hoping that this update will inspire me to become more active, and post more. Even if I don’t have many readers it can still function as my personal project log, or something like that.